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AXIS - 247S Video encoder solution for efficient and compact installation.

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AXIS - 247S Video encoder solution for efficient and compact installation.

code :  axis 247s
unit price :  521.55 € (VAT included)

The perfect solution for integrating analog cameras

The AXIS 247S Video Server is a high-performance, single channel video encoder for integrating an analog camera into an IP-based video surveillance system.

The compact AXIS 247S is ideal for distributed installation close to the analog camera, where space constraints call for an optimized solution, e.g. for video surveillance with small and discreet cameras in retail stores. Axis video servers provide the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits that digital technology offers, perfect for installations where analog fixed cameras are to be used in an IP-based video surveillance system, e.g. in bank offices, airports, governmental or industrial buildings.

Easy installation

The compact AXIS 247S is quickly and easily mounted on a wall or ceiling. It is powered over Ethernet, and can also feed the camera with power, eliminating the need for power outlets. Power classification 2 or 3 is selectable, enabling optimization of the PoE-enabled network – either providing just enough power for a miniature camera, or for supplying a standard analog camera.

Powerful video and event management

AXIS 247S allows for powerful event management with multi-window motion detection, audio detection and I/O (input/output) for connecting devices such as sensors and external relays to activate lights or open/close doors. Pre/post-image alarm buffering secures images just before and after an alarm. AXIS 247S is supported by AXIS Camera Station video management software, which offers remote video monitoring, recording and playback.

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