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Videosurveillance kit with 4 cameras Axis - M3011, Software, PC, Monitor and PoE Switch

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Videosurveillance kit with 4 cameras Axis - M3011, Software, PC, Monitor and PoE Switch

code :  axis M3011 kit
unit price :  4004.00 € (VAT included)

The product is discontinued

The Axis M3011 video surveillance store kit include:

  • n.4 Axis cameras M3011
  • n.1 License Axis Camera Station from 4 channels
  • n.1 Netgear PoE Switch
  • n.1 HP dx2420 MT E5300 processor, 3GB RAM, Hard Disk 500GB SATA, USB Std Kbd, USB 2-Button Scroll Mouse, SATA 16X LS, Win Vista Downgrade to XP Pro
  • n.1 HP L1710 LCD Monitor

Innovative, unique camera design


AXIS M3011 Fixed Dome Network Camera is an ultra-compact fixed dome with an innovative and unique camera design. It is specifically developed for recessed mounting in drop ceilings, creating an unmatched discreet solution for network video surveillance – measuring 9 cm (3.6”) in diameter and barely sticking out 3 cm (1.1”) from the ceiling.

High-performance compression and streaming capabilities


AXIS M3011 provides VGA resolution video, using progressive scan technology. The camera offers multiple streams that can be individually optimized in H.264 as well as Motion JPEG, and supports MPEG-4 Part 2 for backward compatibility. The H.264 compression enables optimization for bandwidth and storage efficiency by significantly reducing the bit rate.


  • Ultra-discreet fixed dome design
  • Progressive scan
  • Multiple H.264 streams
  • Easy installation
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Advanced security and network management

More features

  • Intelligent capabilities such as enhanced video motion detection and detection of camera tampering attempts like blocking or spray-painting.
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af), eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs.
  • Advanced security and network management features such as HTTPS encryption with preserved performance, IPv6 and Quality of Service.
  • Open Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration, including VAPIX from Axis Communications.
  • This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (

technical sheet

availabile in days : 7

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