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Axis - Kowa 9-20mm Multi-megapixel varifocal lens designed for day &night.

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Axis - Kowa 9-20mm Multi-megapixel varifocal lens designed for day &night.

code :  kowa 9-20mm
unit price :  382.16 € (VAT included)

Day and night lens with P-Iris control

In combination with infrared illumination, the Varifocal Lens 9-20 mm D/N allows surveillance in complete darkness. The P-Iris control enables the automatic and precise control of the iris position, to optimize the depth of field and lens resolution for optimal image sharpness. Utilizing Kowa's advanced lens technology incorporating XD (eXtra Dispersion) glass and an aspherical lens, the Varifocal Lens 9-20 mm will pave the way for possibilities in applications such as high-end surveillance.


The Varifocal Lens 9-20 mm D/N with CS-mount is recommended for use with the AXIS P1347 Network Camera. The lens is day/night corrected and therefore no adjustments will be needed when the AXIS P1347 IR-cut filter disengages.  

  Camera Image sensor Angle of view
  AXIS P1347 1/2,5" 17°-35°

technical sheet

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